Our History

Aleph Inc. started in 1968 as a small restaurant “Bell” serving hamburgers and salads. It was founded by the late president and CEO Akio Shoji in Morioka. Later the focus of the menu was changed to hamburger steaks and the number of restaurants in Morioka increased to three.

  • July 1976

    The Cowbell Company is founded in Morioka (Iwate Prefecture)

  • July 1979

    The Morioka Food Processing Factory is opened.

  • September 1980

    The first Bikkuri Donkey hamburger steak restaurant is opened in Sapporo (Hokkaido).

  • June 1981

    The head-office is moved to Chuo Ward, Sapporo (Hokkaido).
    The Sapporo Food Processing Factory is opened.

  • April 1983

    Business starts in the Kansai area. Aleph begins franchising the Bikkuri Donkey business.

  • April 1985

    The head-office is moved to Shiroishi Ward, Sapporo (Hokkaido).

  • May 1985

    The Nagoya Food Processing Factory is opened.

  • October 1985

    The first Half Dime roast beef restaurant is opened in Sapporo (Hokkaido).

  • February 1987

    The Iwatsuki Food Processing Factory is opened.

  • May 1987

    The company’s name is changed to Aleph.

  • July 1990

    Nagoya Food Processing Factory relocated in Oogaki.

  • December 1990

    Aleph establishes Aleph Ranch Ltd. (present Bocca Co., Ltd) in Date City (Hokkaido) with the aim to carry out food research.

  • July 1995

    Otaru Soko No.1 Microbrewery Pub is opened in Otaru (Hokkaido).
    The first Pepesale Italian restaurant is opened in Sapporo (Hokkaido).

    小樽倉庫中 ペペサーレ1号店
  • April 1996

    The Osaka Food Processing Factory is opened.

  • July 1997

    The Fukuoka Food Processing Factory is opened.

  • April 1999

    Number of Bikkuri Donkey restaurants reached 200.

  • June 1999

    Otaru Beer Brewery is opened in Zenibako (Otaru, Hokkaido).

  • October 2000

    Business starts in the Okinawa area.

  • July 2001

    The Hana-no Makiba garden center is opened (present Eniwa Garden Center).

  • November 2001

    The Fukushima Food Processing Factory is opened.

  • December 2003

    The first Rakuda-ken restaurant specialized in pizza and pasta is opened in Sapporo (Hokkaido).

  • June 2006

    The Ecorin Village theme park is opened in Eniwa.

  • October 2006

    Bikkuri Donkey restaurants in Hokkaido begin to collect used cooking oil for recycling from households.

  • February 2007

    The Hokkaido Food Processing Factory is opened in Eniwa.

  • May 2008

    “The 9th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 9)” is held in Bonn, Germany. Aleph joins “The Business and Biodiversity Initiative.”

  • February 2009

    Bikkuri Donkey Hyosetsu-no-mon Chikaten in Sapporo starts to provide a sign language service for the deaf.

  • April 2009

    Collection of used cooking oil from households for the recycling starts in Tokyo and in Saitama Prefecture (September).

  • May 2010

    300 Bikkuri Donkey restaurants are in operation.

  • June 2012

    Iwate Food Processing Factory relocated.

  • June 2013

    The Okinawa Meat Processing Workshop is opend.

  • September 2015

    The Saitama Food Processing Facotry is moved from Iwatsuki to Kuki.